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10 thoughts on “Video Gallery with Categories

  1. looking at getting your ‘’ gallery. Need to use Amazon S3.

    Question, does you gallery support Amazon S3 videos?


    1. Hi, yes of course

  2. Pre-sales question.

    I think I found what I need with your video gallery.
    2 questions:

    1) Using your ‘Video Gallery with Categories’ can I have a custom image thumbnail of each video before it plays? (looking to create a custom image on each video so it does not show the defaulted one either on Amazon S3 or youTube)

    2) I own 2 websites, each site will host this ‘video gallery’ (it will be the same gallery, just need it on 2 sites) Question – Do I purchase ‘1’ Regular or ‘2’ regular licenses? (They are just showing my videos and need this gallery on both my sites)

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Dean

      1. Yes, of course

      2. 2 regular licenses

  3. Hello. Do we need the WordPress Tabs and Accordions DZS plugin for the Video Gallery with Categories?

    1. Hello


  4. Hi, Dean! I can use a gallery in wordpress ?

  5. Hi there,

    I need this on site for peoples with poor vision. Is it possible to have the Full screen icon/button bigger or have it separate as a button under the player?

    1. Hello

      yes, all icons can be upscaled

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