How to make a wall of vimeo album videos

Try this shortcode


[dzs_videoshowcase type="vimeo" mode="zfolio" mode_zfolio_skin="skin-forwall" mode_zfolio_gap="30px" mode_zfolio_layout="4columns" vimeo_link="" count="5" mode_zfolio_default_cat="none"]


Of course modify vimeo_link value to your liking

PS: if there are problems, try to paste in TEXT editor not in VISUAL editor



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  1. I use this shortcode to show my vimeo gallery:
    [dzs_videoshowcase type="vimeo" mode="zfolio" mode_zfolio_skin="skin-alba" mode_zfolio_gap="30px" mode_zfolio_layout="5columns" vimeo_link="" count="50" mode_zfolio_default_cat="none"]

    I would really like to turn the small gallery line off. This line-gallery is only visible when I show a video. How do I turn it of? I tried to use to design center, but I get really get it…. Can you give me a new shortcode?

    Best regards

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