How to add share, wishlist, download buttons

Go to ZoomSounds > Player configurations , select the player configuration you are using

Then click Misc, and in Extra HTML in Right Controls enter:

<div class="feed-dzsap-for-extra-html-right">[player_button style="player-but" label="Share" icon="fa-external-link" link="#" extra_classes=" dzsap-multisharer-but" extraattr=" data-post-url="{{posturl}}"" post_id="{{replacewithpostid}}"] [player_button style="player-but" label="Add to wishlist" icon="fa-star-o" link="#" extra_classes=" dzsap-wishlist-but " post_id="{{replacewithpostid}}"] [player_button style="player-but" label="Download sample" icon="fa-download" link="{{downloadlink}}" extra_classes=" " post_id="{{replacewithpostid}}"] [player_button style="player-but" label="Add to cart" icon="fa-shopping-cart" link="{{addtocart}}" extra_classes=" " post_id="{{replacewithpostid}}"]</div>

Having .feed-dzsap-for-extra-html-right container will make the controls in here append to the sticky player as well

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