use playlist selector

Create a text ( html ) block and paste this code:   <div style=”max-width: 800px; margin: 0 auto; “>[videogallery id=”auto”]</div> <p>[video_playlist_title extra_style=”float:left; padding-left: 30px;”] [video_playlists_display display=”select” scroller_type=”image” per_row=”4″ extra_style=”float:right; width: 190px; padding-right: 30px;”]</p> <p>[dzsvg_div_clear]</p> <p>[dzsvg_outernav id=”auto” skin=”oasis” extraclasses=”” layout=”layout-one-third” thumbs_per_page=”6″ ]</p>

Sort youtube feed

Under each feed option, you will find the Sort Mode dropdown   Search This only works for search mode   Playlist a manual sort in the playlist will trigger the youtube to retrieve the videos in your order you can clear cache of the playlist from Video Gallery > Settings