Adjust gallery height

Gallery Height can be adjusted from going to the selected gallery, selecting Dimensions tab. And modifying height. If Resize Video Proportionally is on, then the gallery height will not take effect

Replace JWPlayer

You have the option to drop the JW Player plugin and replace it with this one. [jwplayer] shortcodes will get rendered by DZS Video Gallery just fine. Just enable the option in Video Gallery > Settings

Autoupdater says ZipArchive Class not found

You need to contact your hosting provider to enable ZipArchive module on your host. ___ If that is not an option, you can download the zip again from Codecanyon, and replace all files via ftp or uninstall and install the plugin with the zip you downloaded from Codecanyon

How to setup a showcase mode zfolio with filters

Minimum version: 11.07+ First of all you would need Video items to populate the showcase Two of them at the minimum being of different categories Then, to show them you can just paste this shortcode:   [dzs_videoshowcase type=”video_items” mode=”zfolio” mode_zfolio_skin=”skin-forwall” mode_zfolio_gap=”30px” mode_zfolio_layout=”3columns” orderby=”date” order=”DESC” count=”5″ mode_zfolio_default_cat=”none” mode_zfolio_show_filters=”on”]     If […]

How to import folder

How to import folder Import folder will import a folder of mp3 / m4a The files would need to be of-course on your server If you need to see the path you can find it in a FTP manager like Filezilla