Change sliders admin – playlists default settings

Important: note that this is very dangerous and could break the site if done incorrectly. You should have ftp access for this, so you can reset the broken file in case there is an issue Go to Plugins > Plugin Editor > select DZS Video Gallery select configs/config-sliders-admin.php If you […]

Why selecting “Autoplay with Sound” does not actually autoplay ?

Autoplay policy in browsers do not allow autoplay with sound unless there is some previous interaction with the document. For example if you are switching the page on the same site, it works, but otherwise, browsers limit this behaviour so that there is no audio spam. Chrome’s autoplay policies […]

Facebook feed demo

go to choose your app from the Facebook App dropdown in the right after v8.0 enter digitalzoomstudio/videos replace digitalzoomstudio with your page id the page you are going to retrieve videos from should be a page managed by you verify that the videos get retrieved copy the access token […]