use playlist selector

Create a text ( html ) block and paste this code:   <div style=”max-width: 800px; margin: 0 auto; “>[videogallery id=”auto”]</div> <p>[video_playlist_title extra_style=”float:left; padding-left: 30px;”] [video_playlists_display display=”select” scroller_type=”image” per_row=”4″ extra_style=”float:right; width: 190px; padding-right: 30px;”]</p> <p>[dzsvg_div_clear]</p> <p>[dzsvg_outernav id=”auto” skin=”oasis” extraclasses=”” layout=”layout-one-third” thumbs_per_page=”6″ ]</p>

Sort youtube feed

Under each feed option, you will find the Sort Mode dropdown   Search This only works for search mode   Playlist a manual sort in the playlist will trigger the youtube to retrieve the videos in your order you can clear cache of the playlist from Video Gallery > Settings

Adjust gallery height

Gallery Height can be adjusted from going to the selected gallery, selecting Dimensions tab. And modifying height. If Resize Video Proportionally is on, then the gallery height will not take effect